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The Origins of TechMelt

In January of 2014, I launched with the goal of creating a space where I could spend the next year writing about emerging technologies and how those developments would impact the future. My goal was to build a resource that would be easy to read for anyone, regardless of their experience with technology because it is vital for everyone to have functional knowledge of how the world is changing for both their personal and professional lives.

It was an incredible learning experience… I became a better writer, gained insights into the process of developing and marketing original content, and honed in on the specific technologies that mattered most to me.

By the start of 2015 I was faced with a decision about how best to spend my time. So, I packed away, integrated all of the content into my personal site, and focused on my consulting business. I took those lessons with me, and I never forgot about the brand that I loved, but for the next few years I prioritized consulting over content-creation.

Now it is 2018, and I have re-branded my business from “Michael Wilson, Digital Strategist” to “TechMelt” because, now more than ever, the business of technology consulting requires thoughtful, patient education as a core component. Everything that I set out to do back in 2014 when I started writing is a part of my daily consulting work.

So it seems fitting that I should go back to the roots of where this started for me and as I embrace the challenges facing our society. I’m fusing together my personal consulting practice with TechMelt’s background of producing guides, advice, and projections to become a trusted resource on the technology issues of today and tomorrow for my clients.

Michael Wilson
Michael WilsonDigital Strategist

A Little About Me…

Hi, I’m Michael Wilson. I’ve been a Digital Strategist and consultant since I graduated from the University of Hartford with a Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia Web Design and Development in 2011.

I am a New England native and spent most of my early life in Connecticut. I’ve also lived in Massachusetts and I now reside in Rhode Island. I enjoy spending my free time with my family, cat, and dog.